Wizard101 Level 88 Spells Analysis (2024)

Wizard101 Level 88 Spells Analysis (1)
Wizard101 Level 88 Spells

It's that time again - lets take a good look at the all new Wizard101 level 88 spells! With the release of Azteca and level 90, there was no doubt we'd end up with our rank 10 cards. What's interesting here is that every spell is themed to the world of Azteca - a concept that I'm quite fond of.

Now if you've been very far into Central, all you've heard is complaints about power balance and lack of effects, but I am absolutely loving these new spells! While I want to say that KingsIsle has been putting more time into spells and worlds, it simply wouldn't be true - they're releasing content faster than ever. My point, however, is that the new spells and world in general are better than ever. They're paying better attention to detail and getting more advanced with every update.

Not only do these spells have stunning animations, but each has a slightly different build. Some every introduce new concepts, or new concepts to a specific school. Wizard101 has done awesome work with these level 88 spells!

Wizard101 Level 88 Spells Analysis (2)
Fire Level 88 Spell

Lets start with Fire! Fire's level 88 spell is Sun Serpent, which does 900-1000 Fire damage to one enemy and 300 Fire damage to all enemies. I'm not quite sure whether or not this damage is in a DoT form, but I believe it is.

This is the first of these new concepts. Instead of a pure single target or pure multi-target, there's a mixture. While Sun Serpent is said to have a poor animation (it is one of few that I have yet to see), it looks pretty interesting, and the damage seems to make up for that. It'll do a definite 1100 damage, and could do as much as 2200, and that's without boosts! This is a great spell to be able to target one individual, while cleaning up shields and low-health enemies.

In PvE, I think spells like this are going to prove to be impressive. Imagine boss fights. More and more, these fights include powerful minions, some even have full enemies with only one person. Imagine using this spell a couple of times, or even once very powerfully, with the boss as the target. You could do some massive boss damage while still putting a dent in the health of the minions.

In PvP, it'll still work for single targets, but will have an additional advantage in 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4.

Wizard101 Level 88 Spells Analysis (3)
Life Level 88 Spell

Next up is Life. Life's level 88 spell is Spinysaur which does 400 Life damage plus 600 Life damage over three rounds. This is a huge turning point for Life, because it's their first DoT, or Damage over Time. Being able to do 1000 damage to a single enemy, while wiping off shields, will make Life even scarier than before.

One Life shield is no longer enough! In PvP, you'll have to keep constant shields up to avoid this guy and other attacks.

Several are arguing that getting a DoT is not in line with Life's class and spell structure. I can see their point - Life isn't a DoT school, and if everybody had every "trick in the book," no school would be unique. However, I think that level 88 is late enough in the game to introduce Life to a DoT. I'll be interested to see how this is used.The animation for this spell is pretty neat!

Wizard101 Level 88 Spells Analysis (4)
Death Level 88 Spell

Death's level 88 spell is Avenging Fossil which does 850-850 Death damage to one enemy and 250 Death damage to all enemies. Ever since I retired to playing a single character on my main account, I've been focused on Death!

I must say, I'm pretty pleased with the spell. Death is getting a partial multi-target here, which will be helpful, but also a powerful single hit. It seems that we alternate between drain hits and definite damage.

Several have suggested making the 250 to all enemies a drain. That'd be neat, but I'll be happy with this one either way. One thing I'm not quite as happy with is the animation. While it's cool, it needs a bit of polishing and, as several have said, does resemble Spinysaur and Basilisk specifically in movement and attack style.

As with Fire, PvP will work alright with this spell in 1v1, and will have added benefits in 4v4, but is notnecessarilya game-changer. In PvE, it'll again be helpful, especially with bosses. In both the case of Fire and Death, I don't think these spells will be for battles with regular creatures.

Wizard101 Level 88 Spells Analysis (5)
Storm Level 88 Spell

Storm's level 88 spell is Storm Owl. This spell does 1525-1625 Storm damage. Several are complaining about the lack of added effect. While I think a load of damage is nice for Storm, I can agree with them. I'd settle for a 100-200 damage cut and a blade removal. Or, what if they cut the damage by 300 and added a Weakness and Smokescreen?

The other complaint with this one is that an owl is not prehistoric. I have to disagree. Look at the variety of creatures they can make prehistoric in Azteca that normally aren't, anyway. I think they've done a stellar job decorating this owl. Besides that, it has a pretty awesome animation.

As it stands now, this won't have a horrible PvP effect, most players having Storm shields. In PvE, it gives Storm a total damage spell for a big hit. It is very useful in that aspect, and Storm happens to be built for big hits.

Wizard101 Level 88 Spells Analysis (6)
Balance Level 88 Spell

Balance's level 88 spell is Sabertooth. This guy does 1000-1100 Balance damage and places a Spirit Shield on the caster. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the effect - what if you lowered it to 850-950, and had it give one shield for all schools?

For now, it'll do nicely against Spirit enemies in both PvP and PvE. It offers Balance an alternate big hit to Judgement or their last single-hit since... well, is it Judegment? Looking back, there's Chimera which is 3 hits, Ra which is AoE, Power Nova is AoE, Hydra is 3 hits... wow!

The animation for this spell is really neat, I'd just work a little bit on the cliff underside and landscaping. When used against Elemental enemies in either PvP or PvE, this spell will still offer some solid damage for once, without eating all of your pips.

Wizard101 Level 88 Spells Analysis (7)
Myth Level 88 Spell

Myth's level 88 spell is Celestial Calender. It does 1070-1170 Myth damage and steals one pip. So, it essentially costs nine pips, you just have to have the ten value. Not only that, but your opponent will be short one pip. I wonder if that'd prevent him or her from casting their spell if they no longer had enough pips.

A variety of people are complaining that Myth does not get an AoE. Dear KingsIsle, don't make it an AoE! Myth is already dominating in the arena, and this spell only adds to their arsenal. In PvE, they may begin to have a bit of trouble due to this lack of AoEs, but they can always get one next time around. What KingsIsle could do is lower the damage, and give it the same effect as the Death and Fire.

If you haven't seen this animation, you've got to! In my opinion, it's one of the best in the game! It is based on the Myan Calender and end of the world. The large circular calender appears and rotates until everything matches up. The camera zooms in through the "eye" of the calender. Inside, dinosaur faces gaze upon several Spiral worlds in space that align and explode, causing bright, white light to pass through the hole and onto the enemy!

Wizard101 Level 88 Spells Analysis (8)
Ice Level 88 Spell

The new Ice level 88 spell is Lord of Winter. He does 950-1050 Ice damage and removes three pips from the opponent. While I'm not sure that this spell isn't a bit overpowered, it's definitely interesting.

Balance has always been the manipulator of pips, and now Myth and Ice are joining in. It is also being debated that this guy has too strong of an effect for the damage. I do have to agree here, three pips is quite a lot with that damage. Ice isn't doing too badly in the arena right now, either.

Speaking of which, this, as it stands, will be a real powerhouse for Ice, and a real scare for anyone who isn't Ice. In PvE, it'll be a nice bit hit for bosses, and nice to remove those extra pips.

Now suppose, as is common, we get power pips - would it them take six pips? Yikes! No matter which way the damage goes, I like the animation and the sound effects - very nice!

Now, as for the theme for the spells, I'm loving it! These prehistoric creatures are simply amazing! Here's what I wish KingsIsle would do. As they create side and main worlds, each one offers a spell. Now, of course, we won't be able to go past 14, so we can't go immediately to 11, but that isn't really what we need anyway. As a Death character, I'd love some more two, three, and four pip spell variants. So, for each world, offer each school one new spell themed to that world.

Wizard101 Level 88 Spells Analysis (9)
All Wizard101 Level 88 Spells

This is an awesome opportunity to excite Wizard101 players with minimal content, while adding new layers to dueling strategy. Not only that, but it'd be awesome to obtain these spells - they'd be conversation starters, and people'd be able to say "Wow, you've been through that world?" I'd also hope for a high-level side world in the future. That'd add challenge to the whole thing. Furthermore, lower-pipped spells are almost more essential than these high-rank spells. And from a marketing standpoint, offering damage spells from the close-to-ends of worlds will be realmotivationto buy/spend time in and complete them.

Obviously here, there's going to be somecontroversy- so what's your opinion? New spells - overpowered? Clash of school structures? Themed? Let me know! As always, thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

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Wizard101 Level 88 Spells Analysis (2024)


What is the level 88 death spell in w101? ›

Death's level 88 spell is Avenging Fossil which does 850-850 Death damage to one enemy and 250 Death damage to all enemies.

What is the most powerful spell in wizard101? ›

The strongest spell in the game is definately wild bolt.

How to get shadow pips? ›

You will only have a chance of receiving Shadow pips if you have trained Shadow Magic. You will be able to view the effects of a current Shadow Magic spell by placing your mouse over the Shadow Pip on the 2d Combat display. All Shadow Spells run the risk of Backlash Damage.

What level do you get the Azteca spells? ›

Re: Azteca sword blades, astral, sun, stars, and moon spells what quest? You get those from NPCs in the Zocalo. If I remember correctly, the star spells become available via quest at level 84, the sun spells become available via quest at level 86, and the moon spells become available via quest at level 88.

What is the longest Wizard101 spell? ›

Call of Khrulhu takes a full minute and twenty seconds to play out against an entire complement of four enemies.

What is the strongest class in Wizard101? ›

Here is a list of the schools in the order of their strength, along with their average strength.
  • Storm (478)
  • Fire (368)
  • Myth (365)
  • Ice (359)
  • Death (333)
  • Life (323)
  • Balance (292)

What wizard spell does the most damage? ›

1 Meteor Swarm

Meteor Swarm is undeniably the most destructive spell in the game. It's a ninth-level evocation spell with a range of one mile that requires each creature within a 40-foot radius of four points you choose to make a Dexterity saving throw.

How to get shadow pips faster in wizard101? ›

To overall increase your shadow pip gain you simply need to increase your shadow rating, there are jewels that give shadow rating and there is gear that gives more shadow rating than others.

Where is Sofia DarkSide in Wizard101? ›

Shadow Magic is learned from Sofia DarkSide, a wise mouse mage located in the Eclipse Tower in Moon Cliffs. You will only be able to access her after you have completed the quest "Touching Shadow" and after you defeat her, she will teach you Shadow Magic.

What level is Shadow Magic? ›

Re: When Do We Get Shadow Spells/pips? You'll gain the ability to use Shadow magic somewhere near the middle of Khrysalis. Most wizards are level 90 or higher when that happens, but it's quest dependent. (You have to do the right quest, no matter what level you're at when you get there.)

How do you get the unicorn spell in wizard101? ›

How do I earn, buy, get a unicorn healing spell? Apart from treasure cards, unicorn is available to life wizards only, and is the reward for the class quest offered at level 7.

Is Azteca hard w101? ›

If you make a game (or world) a bit easier for everyone, there are ways to make it more difficult for yourself. Azteca is not hard to some, but not easy for others. You are questing with a life, fire, and storm friend!

What level is Avalon wizard101? ›

The 'ideal' level to begin Avalon was level 70 when the world was first released. With so many side worlds and dungeons available now, many people are well past that when they reach Avalon. If you are under level 68 you may struggle a bit at first, and anything under 65 will be very difficult.

What is the level 118 death spell in w101? ›

Level 118 Death Spell: Qismah's Curse

Death's Mirage spell is Qismah's Curse, and costs 4 pips and 1 shadow pip. It does 1020 Death damage divided between 1, 2, 3, or 4 enemies.

What is the longest wizard101 spell? ›

Call of Khrulhu takes a full minute and twenty seconds to play out against an entire complement of four enemies.

What level does death get Scarecrow wizard101? ›

Complete that quest if you have any! You get Scarecrow at level 48 after you complete the special school quest that Dygorn gives you.

What is the hardest hitting school in wizard101? ›

Here is a list of the schools in the order of their strength, along with their average strength.
  • Storm (478)
  • Fire (368)
  • Myth (365)
  • Ice (359)
  • Death (333)
  • Life (323)
  • Balance (292)


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