The 19 best websites to download wallpapers for your iPhone (2024)

The iPhone, for better or worse, is one of the devices we consult the most in our daily lives. And what is the first thing we see in it? Your wallpaper. For this reason, and although Apple provides us with new backgrounds with each version of iOS, the vast majority seek to customize that background.

Therefore, we are going to name a series of sites where you can download wallpapers for iPhone along with some tips so that it does not end up harming the user experience of iOS 17.

What iPhone wallpapers should have to fit well

Technically, any image you can save to your camera roll will serve as a background. But of course, we’re not going to put anything of poor quality on a screen with the quality that an iPhone brings us, right? For your iPhone wallpapers to be perfect, you must take the following into account:

  • The resolution has to be high. An iPhone 15 Pro Max has a 2,532 x 1,170 px screen, so I would choose at least that definition taking into account that we can move and enlarge the image to adjust it as we want.
  • Try not to make the image too cluttered. iPhone wallpapers look best if they are simple, simple images. You only have to look at Apple’s official backgrounds to understand it, and there are those who are even satisfied with a firm gradient. A busy image can make it difficult to read the time and lock screen widgets.
  • If you want to add the master touch to the background, look for one that fits the color of the iPhone or case you are wearing. Aesthetically, you will notice it a lot: the header image of this article shows my own iPhone with a background whose colors are part of the olive green case.
  • If you’re not inspired, remember that you also have dynamic lock screens since iOS 16. With them you will see the weather information or a special view of the Earth with that same background.

The best places to get iPhone wallpapers


The 19 best websites to download wallpapers for your iPhone (1)

Unsplash It is, for me, the first place to look. It contains images of all kinds and with licenses that allow you to use them no copyright issues. For best results, search directly by “wallpaper” or use the tag with that same name.


A website very similar to Unsplash is Pexels, which also offers high-quality, copyright-free photography. You can navigate through its search engine and use its tags to specify the search terms you prefer.


Wallhaven It seeks to be a hub for any wallpaper that circulates on the internet. Their tags contain styles of all kinds, although I would recommend this website if you are looking for backgrounds based on series, movies or video games.


Decades after its golden age, DeviantArt still exists and is still a very good place to look for wallpapers created by amateur and professional artists.


One of my favorite wallpaper designers is Matt, who has a little shop called Digisentials on Gumroad. Its backgrounds are simple, minimalist and exquisite. Most cost some money, although their prices are reasonable and there are always some free samples. Guess where I got the wallpaper for the header image from.

Vlad Gerasimov It has made enough space over the years that its website with wallpapers deserves to be highlighted here. Their albums are worth checking out.

By domain name, seems like the most obvious choice for exploring wallpapers for iPhone and other devices. Special mention to the enormous catalog of funds on films and series.

Other websites specialized in wallpapers

  • Alphacoders has a dedicated section for mobile wallpapers that can fit perfectly on your iPhone.
  • Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, boasts large images in its interface. Most of them have been collected in Bing Wallpaper and some can be your new wallpaper.
  • The wallpapers of Basic Apple Guy They are a mandatory stop for all enthusiasts of the apple brand.
  • UHDpaper It is a site that promises very high definitions for those who are demanding in this regard.
  • rawpixel It has a section with mainly minimalist wallpapers and simple colors.
  • It is not a wallpaper website per se, but the NASA image archive It may be the best place for you if you like space backgrounds.
  • This section of WallpapersCraft backgrounds contains images at the best resolution adapted to be wallpapers for the iPhone.
  • The subreddit /r/wallpapers It is also a good corner of the internet where you can wander around to look for good wallpapers.

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The most modern option: generating wallpapers with AI

The 19 best websites to download wallpapers for your iPhone (5)
The 19 best websites to download wallpapers for your iPhone (6)

Four wallpapers generated with Bing.

See these four wallpapers in the image above? No one has designed them:: have been generated by an AIwith the prompt “simple wallpaper with blue gradients”. It is proof that we should not underestimate generative artificial intelligence when looking for inspiration with wallpapers. Here are some services to try this from:

  • Bing Image Creator It is a free service that allows you to generate images without paying a single euro.
  • Midjourney is perhaps the most popular image generator. You need Discord to be able to use it, but the quality of its images may be the best you can get compared to its rivals.
  • Stable Diffusion is another imager that can be considered one of the pioneers.
  • Ideogram It is another website with which you can generate images from text and find a unique wallpaper that no one else has. In addition, text can be added without it being distorted by the algorithms.

Keep in mind that many of the images you generate from these services will not be of very high quality unless you use their paid accounts, although you also have the option of using other AI such as Pixelmator to be able to increase that resolution without problems.

The 19 best websites to download wallpapers for your iPhone (2024)


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