Nicks Handmade Boots Since 1964 — SEATTLE FASHION COLLECTIVE (2024)

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Nicks Handmade Boots Since 1964 — SEATTLE FASHION COLLECTIVE (1)

Nicks Boots have been producing handmade Goodyear-welted work boots since 1964. Based in Spokane, WA, the company have maintained their world class commitment to nearly indestructible construction whilst branching off more recently into casual footwear made to the same high standards.

If you've been looking for that unmistakable moc-toe form and functionality, Nicks Moc Toe Heritage boots provide all the benefits whilst giving you configurable options in lugs, sole, top style, and even eyelet shape and color. And in Rose Anvil’s opinion, they’re the best moc-toe boots in production in the United States, based on their fascinating and informative dissection of the boot in question, which you can watch below.

For those preferring a more contemporary appearance, Nicks Boots additional Heritage styles feature Wickett & Craig vegetable tanned leather for comfort and sustainability, as well as Horween's Chromexcel for a variety of colors and consistencies.

Moc Toe Heritage - $549

Hot Shot® NFPA Option - $525

Aldert Strider - $485

Nicks Fire Boots, on the other hand, are designed with wildland firefighters in mind, with each pair certified by the National Fire Protection Association. Variations on the design include mid-to-high arch support, rough-out toe and heel sections for maximum durability, and leather sourced from Seidel Tanning Corporation in Wisconsin. And since the boots are made to withstand literal forest fires, replete with fire-resistant threads and rubber soles, it should surprise no one that the recommended break-in time is at around 200+ hours, and as such, are not for the faint of heart. These specific boots are tools made for the most demanding professionals that require consistent performance over time.

Since each pair of boots is made by hand in Spokane, and each lot of leather varies slightly, the end result is a product as unique as its wearer. Even rarer are the limited-run drops, rebuilds, and collaborations like the Nicks Boots x Rose Anvil ND1s. And each pair of Nicks Boots is meant to last a lifetime of regular use—a claim backed up by their commitment to resole and rebuild boots upon request for a reasonable fee. In fact, for simple repairs, Nicks recommends taking the boots to qualified cobblers that can replace heel lugs and stacks more quickly and save on turnaround times and shipping fees. But for complete rebuilds, expect to mail your pair back to the factory where standard lead times apply.

Rose Anvil Dissects Nicks Boots Heritage Wedge Moc Toe

Nicks Boots timelapse of a complete restoration.

Comfort isn’t something one might think of when considering a fairly large break-in cycle, even for light duty wear. But dozens of small touches, including the use of thick leather in place of cork midsoles, makes for a custom fit that conforms to your specific foot, whose grooves deepen with time and use, making for a fit unlike others using lesser quality materials like cardboard and carpet foam that do not conform at all nor pass the sustainability test.

Considering the attention to detail and repairability, it would be worth considering the potential cost and comfort savings of purchasing handmade and bespoke footwear when compared to purchasing multiple, less expensive alternatives over the course of the same duration.

And on the topic of timing, while ready-to-wear options are available, there is a lead-time for all made-to-order and bespoke footwear and accessories. If you need something immediately, RTW orders ship directly. But if you need something specific, orders may take up to 8 or 12 weeks to fulfill. In the meantime, just remember that your patience will be aptly rewarded.

In all, whether for work or for play, we’re quite inspired by the quality, reliability, and locally sourced sustainability employed in the making of one of Washington’s most enduring brands. Considering the unchanged 1964 design of the legacy boots as well as the availability of specialty styles, materials, collaborations, and limited-runs, there’s something here for every boot lover, made with love, and by hand.

Editor’s Note: Images courtesy Nicks Boots. Links provided for further reading. We do not make a commission.

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Nicks Handmade Boots Since 1964 — SEATTLE FASHION COLLECTIVE (2024)


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