How to Beat Operation Excision Outbreak Easter Egg in Cold War Zombies (2024)

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War brings players into the thick of secret Cold War operations between the United States and the Soviet Union. Players have come to love the new take on the Black Ops series, making it the top-selling game of 2021.Returning to Black Ops Cold War is the widely praised Zombies mode. While a more typical Zombies experience is available in Cold War, there is also a new Zombies mode: Outbreak.


Outbreak puts players in a series of open world maps that contain usual Zombies fixtures such as mystery boxes and Pack-A-Punch machines to upgrade weapons. However, the game mode differs significantly from the normal Zombies mode. There is an unlimited amount of time to complete objectives and an infinite number of zombies that can spawn in the maps. Along the way, players may encounter a couple of easter egg objectives that can only be unlocked through a specific series of events. Here’s how to beat the second Outbreak easter egg event, Operation Excision, in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

How to Beat the Operation Excision Easter Egg in COD: Black Ops Cold War Outbreak Zombies

How to Beat Operation Excision Outbreak Easter Egg in Cold War Zombies (1)

Before players can activate the Operation Excision mission in Outbreak, the easter egg must be triggered in the first place. As long as players work together, unlike some Call of Duty jokers, the easter egg can be completed relatively quickly. Once players have gotten to level 3, there will be a red portal that spawns in different locations, depending on the map. In Ruka, the portal is in the small house on the westernmost side of the map. In Alpine, it is under a cliff’s overhang at the bottom of the map. In Duga, it is in the bunker with the crafting bench, in the top portion of the map. In Zoo, it is in the large animal enclosure in the southeastern portion of the map. In Golova, the portal is in a room on the top floor of the church, in the southern portion of the map. Sanatorium does not have a portal. If players end up in Sanatorium for round 3, just transition to round4 to get another map.

Once players interact with the portal, they will find themselves high above the map. From above, find another red portal to interact with and repeat this process three times. After the third portal, players are teleported above the map with an item falling to the ground below. Follow the item and pick it up. After retrieving the item, complete the main objective to spawn the beacon. Activate the phone on the beacon. After the phone call, use the teleporter to head to Sanatorium. Keep in mind, it'sa good idea to stock up on powerful, upgraded weapons before takingthis teleporter to level 4.

Find the crashed helicopter in Sanatorium, located on the westernmost point of the map, below the cluster of buildings. Interact with the radio to activate a sequence in which players must defend the immediate area. Kill the enemies and interact with the radio again. A red orb will spawn inside one of the buildings on the map. Once players find the red orb, shoot it in the direction of the bridge. The orb will move in the direction it was shot until it gets situated on top of a rover on the bridge. Next, head to a broken, inactivated mystery box around the map. Interact with the glowing plush bunny on the mystery box. Zombies will spawn, which must be destroyed. After the zombies are dead, take the bunny to the bridge and place it inside the rover. A new radio will spawn on the ground.

Interact with the radio, then interact with the rover. This will spawn an escort mission in which players have to stay inside the bubble shield and protect the rover. After the escort is complete, run into the building in front of where the rover stopped. Inside, interact with the radio near three dead bodies. This activates an exfil. With the right loadout of weapons and field upgrades, it should be simple to kill the Orda boss and complete the Operation Excision easter egg in Outbreak.


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X.

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How to Beat Operation Excision Outbreak Easter Egg in Cold War Zombies (2024)


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