Exploring Street Art In Brooklyn, New York, USA (2024)

1. Wythe Avenue

Exploring Street Art In Brooklyn, New York, USA (1)

Source:Photoby Wikimedia Commons userAlexscuccatoused under CC BY-SA 4.0

Williamsburg has become a center of creativity with street art adorning almost every wall in the area. The last 15 years saw this place gradually transformed into the Mecca of street art with famous street artists decorating its walls with their art. Chief among these artists are Icy and Sot, two Iranian stencil artists whose work deals with human rights issues and social, political and ecological justice. Their most famous art in Williamsburg is a huge mural gracing a wall in Wythe Avenue. The mural depicts a group of smiling children looking up at the sky.

Whythe Avenue

Address: Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY, USA

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2. Moore Street

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The most famous art in this street is of Christina Angelina’s feminist mural that shows two women covering faces and showing a tag that runs “some things never change”. Angelina wanted to uphold the feeling of powerlessness that women feel universally. This is quite thought-provoking and pessimistic but that cannot be said about the other artwork present on Moore Street. L'Amour Suprim has also let his brush do the talking here with colorful, bizarre and comical paintings of monsters. Such art represents whimsical and eccentric behavior, two elements responsible for both negative and marvelous results.

Moore Street

Address: N Moore St New York, NY 10013, USA

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3. York Street (DUMBO Walls)

Exploring Street Art In Brooklyn, New York, USA (2)

Source:Photoby Flickr userdumbonycused under CC BY-SA 2.0

The DUMBO Walls is an extensive project that involves a series of eight murals adorning the walls of a four-block perimeter along the BQE. It was created in 2012 when the DUMBO Improvement District, with Two Trees Management Co., came into a partnership with NYCDOT( New York City Department of Transportation Urban Art Program) and the Jonathan Levine Gallery. The murals are done by artists MOMO, CAM, Yuko Shizimu and Stefan Steigmaster. The Jonathan Levine Gallery presented the works of artists like DaLeast, Eltono, Faith 47 and Shepard Fairey.

York Street ( DUMBO WALLS)

Address: 64 York Street (Between Washington Street and Adams Street), Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

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4. North 9th Street

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Two street artists who have graced North 9th Street with their art are Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra and Belgium artist ROA. Kobra’s famous mural in the corner of North 9th Street depicts Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat, inspired by the famous photograph of these two superstars with their arms raised in a crisscross and wearing boxing gloves. Kobra wanted to spread the message of the right to creative expression through his mural. ROA, on the other hand, paints vivid and captivating images of animals. North 9th Street showcases one of his famous mural which is a giant totem of rodents sleeping. It is painted in black and white and is very realistic.

North 9th Street

Address: North 9th Street Brooklyn, NY, USA

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5. Pioneer Street

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In Pioneer Street, you can find art created by Haring. He believes that art can be showcased in even the most unlikely of public spaces. The Pioneer street art of Haring’s depict issues on sexuality, birth, death, drug abuse, exploitation, and other social evils. His art has a pop-graffiti essence with stark outlines and bold colors to depict emotions. Since these paintings are intimately related to the common people, it is only natural that such art is found in places thronged by the common folks. The walls seem to scream the emotions and thoughts of the common man walking on the street.

Pioneer Street

Address: Pioneer St. Brooklyn, NY 11231, USA

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6. Stillwell Avenue

Exploring Street Art In Brooklyn, New York, USA (10)

Source:Photoby Flickr userDennis Harperused under CC BY-ND 2.0

Stillwell Avenue has been graced by the interesting art of identical twins Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo. These creators have achieved worldwide fame for their psychedelic and surreal paintings. These brothers had painted a colorful and eerie graffiti on the wall just opposite the subway station of Stillwell Avenue. These paintings might not depict any situation in reality but can make you introspect. Such street art is bright, bold and is a riot of colors.

Stillwell Avenue

Address: Stillwell Ave, Brooklyn, NY, USA

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7. Troutman Street

Exploring Street Art In Brooklyn, New York, USA (11)

Source:Photoby Flickr userMr Sebused under CC BY-ND 2.0

On this street, you would find works of art from artists like Danielle Mastrion, Aquarela Sabol and Wellington Spiros. you will also find here D*Face’s sombre take on Roy Lichtenstein’s art. You will be in awe of this woman as she personifies the true essence of sensuality and mystery.

Troutman Street

Address: Troutman StNew York, NY, USA

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8. F. East Williamsburg

Exploring Street Art In Brooklyn, New York, USA (12)

Source:Photoby Wikimedia Commons userMonkused under CC BY-SA 4.0

Williamsburg is like an outdoor gallery where talented street artists showcase their art. Large wall spaces in this particular part of New York enable artists to paint their ideas and imaginations on them. Though Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg is a more popular place for street art, F. East Williamsburg is not far behind. The art collection that can be seen on the walls of F. East Williamsburg are large scale murals painted by artists from all around the globe.

F. East Williamsburg

Address: East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, United States

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9. Bedford Avenue

Exploring Street Art In Brooklyn, New York, USA (13)

Source:Photoby Flickr userAurélien Michaudused under CC BY 2.0

Bedford Avenue is the most popular street in Williamsburg and about every corner of it has wheat-paste ups and murals. A mural at the corner of N8 and Bedford was painted by Gaia for the “Delivering Wow Mural Tour”.

Bedford Avenue

Address: Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY, USA

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10. Johnson Avenue off Bogart Street, Bushwick, Brooklyn

Exploring Street Art In Brooklyn, New York, USA (14)

Source:Photoby Wikimedia Commons userMonkused under CC BY-SA 4.0

This street falls in an industrial district in Bushwick and thus there are many wall spaces appropriate for street art. The prolific industrial buildings and factories provide dull and dreary looking walls that can be transformed into canvases for some of the brightest and most colorful graffiti. The warehouse walls in this avenue showcase colorful murals by artists like Jersey Joe, Tones One and Host 18. The murals mostly depict content that are caricatures.

Johnson Avenue off Bogart Street, Bushwick, Brooklyn

Address: Johnson Avenue off Bogart Street, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY, United States

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A colorful walk

Exploring Street Art In Brooklyn, New York, USA (15)

Source:Photoby userSteven Martinused under CC BY 3.0

The walls are like a podium for the common man to voice their thoughts, times, moods and opinions, and street artists give them expression with paints and motifs. Street art is like a documentation of the emotions of our times. The 10 streets mentioned above in Brooklyn has art that would transport your senses to a new consciousness. Wait no more and go ahead to experience it.

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Exploring Street Art In Brooklyn, New York, USA (2024)


Exploring Street Art In Brooklyn, New York, USA? ›

Explore Brooklyn's Best Street Art in Bushwick

Where is the best place to see street art in Brooklyn? ›

Top Places for Brooklyn Street Art and Murals
  • Bushwick Street Art Collective. In Brooklyn's Bushwick neighborhood, something special is happening. ...
  • JMZ Walls Along Bushwick & Bed-Stuy. ...
  • Bed-Stuy Street Art. ...
  • Coney Island Art Walls.
Dec 15, 2023

What is the most famous piece of street art? ›

So at the number one spot, we have the most famous graffiti artist's most famous graffiti artwork of all time – Balloon Girl. It shows a young girl with her hair and dress blowing forward, reaching for a heart-shaped balloon that's being blown away.

Where are the Dumbo Walls? ›

Although DUMBO is known for its iconic waterfront views of Manhattan, look closer and you'll find many colorful murals hidden or tucked away in the underpasses of the BQE as well as under the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.

What is the most famous street in Brooklyn? ›

Flatbush Avenue is the world famous main Street of Brooklyn. Starts by the Manhattan Bridge and runs south to the Rockaway Peninsula. So many restaurants, stores, and landmarks along the way, including King's Plaza Mall.

What is the best street in Brooklyn? ›

Fifth Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn, has just been named the coolest street in New York City and the 13th coolest street in the world.

Where is street art most popular? ›

1. New York City, New York – 715,000 engagements. Unsurprisingly, the street art hotspot capital of the U.S. is New York, which has loads of hidden gems to discover.

Where can I see street art in NYC? ›

Johnson Avenue

This industrial block in Bushwick offers prime wall space for street artists from around the world including right here in NYC. A stroll past the warehouses along the avenue might lead you past colorful murals by the likes of Rime (aka Jersey Joe), Swiss artist Tones One and Host 18.

What city is known for street art? ›

New York City, New York. New York City has long had a vibrant street arts scene. These days, Bushwick is a hot spot, though you'll find art scattered throughout the five boroughs.

Who is the most famous street artist today? ›

The British street artist Banksy is, without a doubt, one of the world's most famous contemporary artists.

Where is the birthplace of street art? ›

Philadelphia is seen as the birthplace of modern graffiti, when the artist known as Cornbread began spray painting his name on walls in the 1960s. It's also known as the City of Murals for its more than 4,000 murals in public places.

What is the famous street in Dumbo? ›

Washington Street between Front & Water Streets | Iconic Views in DUMBO | NYC Tourism.

Where is the famous Dumbo picture? ›

The street address for catching the iconic view of the Manhattan Bridge from DUMBO is from outside the building. It is located at 39 Washington Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States. It is situated along Washington Street between Water Street and Front Street in DUMBO.

Is Brooklyn known for graffiti? ›

Ever since graffiti culture made its way from Philadelphia to New York City in the late 1960s, Brooklyn has been a hotspot for new and legendary street artists to make their mark on the city's walls.

What is the most popular street in Williamsburg Brooklyn? ›

What's the vibe here? The busiest thoroughfare in hip Williamsburg, Bedford Avenue—and the L train that feeds it—might as well be North Brooklyn's own personal people-watching catwalk.

What are the prettiest streets in Brooklyn Heights? ›

Take the subway to Court Street in Brooklyn Heights.

Start your trip heading south on Court Street and make a right on Joralemon Street toward the water. Continue down Joralemon St, and admire the gorgeous stretch of tree-lined, timeless blocks between Columbia Pl and Hicks St.

What is the best street to shop in Williamsburg Brooklyn? ›

Walk along Bedford Avenue, which serves as Williamsburg's “Main Street.” You'll find lots of cute boutiques, bars, and restaurants to pop in to, and many sidewalk vendors set up shop on the weekends. 2.


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