Cold War Outbreak - Operation Excision Easter Egg Guide - How To Assemble Modified Rover, Find Aether Bunny And Boss? (2024)

Cold War Season 4 has arrived and along with it the second easter egg for Outbreak is here as well.

I am sure a lot of players must be eager to solve it in order to fight the boss Orda. So here's a quick and easy guide for the Easter Egg 2 quest in Outbreak.

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How To Complete Outbreak Easter Egg 2 Quest In Cold War?

You can follow these steps to find the Orda boss and complete the challenge:

Step 1: Find the red portal

First of all, players will have to make it to World 3 and locate a Red Rift which is basically a red-colored portal. Now enter this portal and it will start teleporting you into the air.

On being launched in the air, pull your parachute immediately and quickly look for another portal.

Players will have to go through the red rift a few times until the final time where instead of a portal an object (Beacon Modifier) will spawn in the air. You can identify it easily as there will be a yellow light in the sky indicating where the Beacon Modifier is.

You need to go and pickup this object to complete the first step.

Red Rift Locations:

There are a few locations where you will find the Red Rift (portal). We shall update this article when we find more.

  • Alpine - north of the bathhouse on the side of the rocky Dead Man’s Cliff.
  • Ruka - in a small building near Pack a Punch at the Old Farm
  • Golova - in the top of the church on the south side of the map
  • Zoo - at the exhibit near the Wolf Exhibit
  • Duga - North end of the map where there is the crafting table.

Just in case these locations do not work for you, just try to focus and listen to a radio frequency sound. Following this sound will lead you to a Red Rift location.

Step 2: Activate the device on the beacon

Take the device you picked up in the first step and use it on the Beacon to respond and contact Ravenov. After listening to the audio from Ravenov you can go ahead and teleport to the next map which will most likely be the Sanatorium.

Step 3: Locate & Secure Crashed Helicopter

On reaching Sanatorium, you should go in the southwest direction to find a crashed helicopter in Carved Hills. Once you do that, just move closer to the helicopter and listen to the audio log on it.

However, zombies will appear around you to prevent you from listening o the audio so be prepared for a fight here. Once you have killed the zombies and secured the area, you can listen to the audio log.

After that, head towards the bridge where you will find a Recon Rover. Just walk up to it and you will get to hear more audio dialogues which will complete this step.

Assemble Modified Rover

Step 4: Locate an Orb and move it to Recon Rover

Next, you need to look around the map for a giant red orb. You can find it inside the Sanatorium swimming pool on the bottom floor or on the top left of the map. (There might be other locations as well, we shall update it when we find it)

Once you find it, just shoot the orb in the direction of the bridge until it reaches the Recon Rover. Make sure that you don't shoot it anymore once it reaches the bridge and is on top of the Recon Rover. That's because the orb cannot be moved around an unlimited number of times.

Once the orb makes it to the bridge and goes on top of the recon rover you can move on to the next step in this Outbreak Easter Egg challenge.

Step 5: Find Aether Bunny in a Broken Mystery Box

Players need to look for a broken mystery box around the map that contains a bunny toy.

Right now, we are aware of three locations for the Aether bunny mystery box. We shall add more as we get to know:

  • On top of the Sanatorium
  • At the southwest parking lot
  • Next to the armory station, near the rooms by it
  • At the circular area to the left of the sanatorium in the street

Once you get closer to the box, it gets activated and the Aether bunny starts hovering in the air. Shortly after this, zombies will pop up and you will have to defend the area.

Once you have secured the area, the bunny will drop and you will be able to pick it up. Take this Aether bunny to the Recon Rover on the bridge and place it inside.

Step 6: Use Aether Bunny for boss fight withOrda

Once you are ready for the boss fight with Orda, activate the Recon Rover using the bunny. It will create a safe bubble around you so make sure you stay within its boundaries and move along with the Rover while defending yourself.

After the Rover reaches the end spot, you will be directed to find some intel which will begin the boss fight.

The boss fight takes place in an open area where you can defeat Orda and all the remaining zombies to complete the second Outbreak Easter Egg in Cold War!

Cold War Outbreak - Operation Excision Easter Egg Guide - How To Assemble Modified Rover, Find Aether Bunny And Boss? (2024)


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