Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies - Outbreak Season 4 Easter Egg Guide (2024)

While most Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies fans have their eyes on Season 4 Reloaded, as the midseason update will be bringing Mauer Der Toten, there are still some new pieces of Zombies content that can be enjoyed right now.Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold Warplayers can explore the Zoo region in Outbreak, and more importantly, they can complete Outbreak’s second main quest.

Fortunately, those that struggled with Outbreak’s first Easter egg are in luck, as this second quest is far easier. There is no boss battle, for example, meaning that fans do not have to prepare for a brutal timed fight like the one with Legion. Further, the quest is significantly shorter, making it a walk in the park for those that survived the original Easter egg. Still, there is a bit of a scavenger hunt in this quest, meaning that Call of Duty Zombies fans need to know where to look.

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Step 1: Finding And Using The Portal

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The first step of the quest will be to find the red portal, but to do so, players will need to get to world tier 3. While this could be done by using the world tier skip feature, it would be best to play slowly and stock up on weapons and upgrades first. Once players are in tier 3, they will want to search for a bright red portal. It can be found in any region besides Sanatorium, and the locations are as follows.

  • Duga: To the north of the bunkers in the Duga region, players can find a crafting table in a silo below ground. The red portal is in the silo’s left room behind a grey door.
  • Ruka: In the Old Farm area, this portal can be found in a small house to the right of the Pack-A-Punch machine.
  • Alpine: Before players reach the Bathhouse, they will come to Dead Man’s Cliff. If they peek over the ledge, they can drop directly into the red portal.
  • Zoo: In the new Zoo region, players can head to a wolf exhibit. Behind a mound there is a large hole that serves as a cave entrance, and a portal can be found inside.
  • Golova: Players can find this portal by climbing to the very top of the region’s church.

Once Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War players have gone through their portal, they will be thrust into the sky as if they had just used a jump pad. From there, they will see another red portal in the distance, and they carefully need to parachute over and into this portal. They then need to repeat this process two more times, and after the third teleportation, they will see an item with a dark red trail falling from the sky. They need to follow this trail, finding exactly where the item lands so that it can be picked up.

The item is just like the exfil beacon piece from the original Outbreak Easter egg, and once it has been acquired, players can call Ravenov using the beacon to start the second step.

Step 2: The Aetherial Orb And The Blue Bunny

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies - Outbreak Season 4 Easter Egg Guide (2)

After talking to Ravenov, players will be sent to the Sanatorium Night region. Here, they want to go to the empty Carved Hills area on the map. A crashed helicopter will spawn, and players can access an audio log held by the pilot after they clear out the undead. From there, they want to track down an Aetherial Orb. These can be found easily by listening for a young girl’s laughter, and they have a distinct blue glow. When players get close to one, it will appear on a mini map. A few locations are as follows:

  • Players can find one orb by the Pack-A-Punch machine, as it will be in the pool of water with the Spetsnaz symbol.
  • Another orb spawn can be found on top of the bathhouse. Players can climb up the roof from outside or shoot it from below.
  • A third orb spawn can be found near the Administration building in the top right corner of the map.

There are other spawn points throughout Sanatorium, though, so players will need to keep their eyes and ears peeled as they look for the orb. Once found, it is important that players stand behind the orb and shoot it in the direction of Sanatorium’s bridge. Once it reaches the bridge, they can shoot it from behind so that it heads to the other end, landing on top of an Escort rover. Once it is in position, players can search for the item that goes inside the rover.

They will be looking for the blue bunny from the mystery box and the Firebase Z crate Easter egg, and it can be found on broken mystery box spots throughout Sanatorium. Spawns can be found in the following spots.

  • A bunny can be found right by the map boundary at Market Square.
  • Another bunny can be found on the Sanatorium roof near an Outbreak trial machine.
  • A third bunny spot can be found near the armor stand at the Groundskeeping area.

Like the orb, there are other spawns, so players will need to be thorough as they search through the map. Once found, they can hold square on the demonic stuffed animal to spawn in a bunch of Zombies and Tempests. After they are dead, the bunny can be picked up, and it will drop a bunch of loot on the floor for players to collect. They will then need to run the bunny over to the bridge’s Escort rover, and their screen will glow as if they were carrying an Aetherium canister from the Retrieve objective. Once the bunny is placed in the rover, players can begin the final step.

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Step 3: Escort And Extraction

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies - Outbreak Season 4 Easter Egg Guide (3)

Once all players are by the rover, it will begin to clear the phase around the map as players push across the bridge. They will need to complete an Escort objective while stuck in a tight circle, making shotguns like the Hauer a good choice. Once they finish the escort, they can run forward freely, climbing up the monument to find some important pieces of Zombies intel. Once the radio is finished, players will need to reach an exfil site.

While this essentially works like a normal Zombies exfil, one big change is that an Orda will be spawned as players attempt to leave. As such, all focus should be on killing the Orda first, as there is no time limit on the exfil itself. Players should use their Ring of Fire Field Upgrades and scorestreaks like the Chopper Gunner to take care of the monster, cleaning up the undead stragglers with monkey bombs and regular weapons. Once everything is dead, players can exfil from the map, and the Easter egg will officially be complete.

Players will be rewarded with a special calling card for their efforts, and an interesting cutscene will also play out. With the playable Operators seemingly being forced to join the Omega Group, it will be interesting to see where Mauer Der Toten’s story goes.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies - Outbreak Season 4 Easter Egg Guide (2024)


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