73+ Good Morning Handsome Messages To Start Your Day Right (2024)

What American male wouldn’t want to be greeted in the a.m. with the message, “Good Morning, Handsome”?

Everyone likes to be wished a good morning, but add some flattering words about your looks, and now you’re smiling all day. Your partner would love a good morning greeting to start their day—a simple and direct message for him. You can express your love and devotion and tell them how much you enjoy being with him.

A cute text or email, a voice message, or even a message on social media can be a day brightener. A short message from the heart is always appreciated, whether it’s a husband, boyfriend, or someone you want to be better acquainted with.

We’ve assembled a list of good morning messages; use them as you wish or use them for inspiration to write your own.

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Best Good Morning Handsome Messages

1.) Good morning, handsome. You are the man that I will love forever. I hope your day is as bright as the sunshine today.

2.) Have a good morning, handsome. I am sending you my love all day long.

3.) My heart is and will always be yours. Good morning handsome.

4.) GOOD MORNING, HANDSOME! Now that I have your attention… I love you, and enjoy your day!

5.) My favorite place is to wake up next to you; good morning, handsome.

6.) Good morning, handsome; I hope you slept well. Love you, sweetie!

7.) I only want three things: to see, hug, and kiss you. Good morning and I love you, handsome.

8.) Good morning, handsome; I love you, babe!

73+ Good Morning Handsome Messages To Start Your Day Right (1)

Morning Handsome

9.) Morning, my sexy man, have a great day, and I love you.

10.) Your smile is the only sunshine I need in the morning.

11.) Your hugs and kisses are the only sunshine I need. Morning handsome.

12.) I wish we could hold hands this morning, handsome. But I am still sending my love.

13.) Morning to the man of my dreams.

14.) The mornings are even brighter when you’re in love. I love you.

15.) Morning, handsome; the thought of being in your arms is the only thing keeping me warm.

16.) You are so handsome to special to me; I love you. Morning handsome.

17.) Morning, afternoon, night, today, and tomorrow, all I need and want is you. I love you, handsome.

18.) Before I met you, I never knew what it was like to look at someone and smile for no reason. Good morning and thank you for making me smile handsomely.

19.) My dear sweet, handsome man enjoys the sun’s warmth this morning. I love you.

20.) Morning, handsome. Thank you for making me so happy by being a part of my life.

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Good Morning Message for Him

20.) You are my most amazing man!

21.) Good morning, sexy. Have I told you lately that I love you?

22.) Have a good morning, my love. You’re y number one.

23.) Morning, my sexy man; I love you.

24.) Wow…do you always look this good in the morning?

25.) Good morning, babe; I hope your night was as good as mine.

26.) My first thought in the morning is always you.

27.) I hope you are having a good morning, good-looking.

28.) Sending you all my love this morning; I dreamt about you all night.

29.) Good morning… do you want to be naughty today?

Starting the day off right

30.) Since I can’t see your face this morning, I’m sending you lots of long-distance kisses.

31.) I’m sending you a hug via this message; I hope you can feel it.

32.) Good morning, sweetheart. Being in love with you makes every morning better.

33.) I’m glad I fell in love with you; you make every day brighter.

34.) Can I have you for breakfast in bed this morning?

35.) Have I mentioned how lucky I am with you this morning? You are the best!

36.) Good Morning, my everything; I love you so much.

36.) Wishing a good morning to the person whose kisses are the reason for my happiness. Love you.

37.) I promise to be your best friend, a partner in crime, and a lover forever. Have a good morning.

38.) Good morning; I just wanted to remind you that the time I spend with you is essential in my life.

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Good Morning, Handsome Meme

73+ Good Morning Handsome Messages To Start Your Day Right (2)

Best Good Morning Texts

39.) Good morning; I hope you have a fantastic day today, my cutie.

40.) Love is sweet when it’s new but even sweeter when it’s true. Good morning; I love you.

41.) I hope all your dreams come true this morning, sexy.

42.) Good morning, sweetie; I hope you have a fantastic day!

43.) You have my best wishes this morning and every day. I love you, darling.

44.) Fate brought us together, but love keeps us together. Good morning!

45.) A loving morning hello and hugs and kisses to last the whole day.

46.) The light you bring to my life is brighter than a thousand sunrises.

47.) Good morning… here’s to you. I miss you; I love you, and I always think about you.

48.) I love you for our memories, walks on the sand, and future together.

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Good Morning Quotes for Him

409.) You are my sun; you brighten my day for all you do for me; good morning, and I love you!

50.) Every day is a good day when I start it with you.

51.) I dreamt about you last night, and when I woke up next to you, I knew my dream had come true.

52.) You are everything I could ask for and more. Seeing your face in the morning is what keeps me going.

53.) Being with you makes me believe I can do anything. You are my light every morning and my sweet kiss good night.

54.) When I wake up and see you sleeping, it makes me smile. I want to hold you and hug you.

55.) I love making you coffee in the morning; a fresh cup warms me almost as much as you do.

56) It’s not a good morning if I wake up and have to leave you. I want to be with you all day long.

57.) Open your eyes this morning and let the world see your handsome smile and sparkling eyes. Good morning and I love you.

58.) Good morning, you hold the key to my heart and have all my love. Enjoy the day.

Short Good Morning Handsome Messages

59.) You are so sweet and handsome; how did I get so lucky to be with you? Good morning sweets.

60.) You’re my morning sun and moon at night. Good morning, Love!

61.) I woke up this morning and realized that you are the best thing that ever happened to me. Good morning to the best boyfriend ever.

62.) When the sun rises, and you’re not here, the sun isn’t as bright. I wish you were here, babe.

63.) Since I met you, you’ve changed my life; you have made me the happiest girl in the world. Good morning and I love you!

64.) Good morning to the sweetest guy a girl could ask for. I’m glad you’re my boyfriend.

65.) Every morning, my love for you grows deeper. You are my dream come true.

66.) You are why I want to wake up every morning; my biggest wish is to be with you forever.

67.) I thought I’d send some love to you. I hope you can feel all the love I’m sending.

68.) Good morning, my love; it gives me great pleasure to call you my man. Thank you, and I love you.

Good Morning Gorgeous

69.) The best part of my day is waking up next to you.

70.) Rise and shine, Gorgeous!

71.) Sending you some morning love. And, if that doesn’t thrill you, there’s some hot coffee in the kitchen.

72.) Love and blessings for a fantastic day.

73.) I hope you have a ridiculously amazing day!

74.) Good morning to the love of my life.

75.) The world is full of love stories. Ours is my favorite.

Good Morning Messages Short

76.) I can’t imagine not sharing my days with you.

77.) All that is good in this world I see in your eyes.

78.) Some may call it infatuation, but it’s much more than that. I love everything about you.

79.) I need you like the flower needs the rain.

80.) Throughout the day, I find myself thinking of you all the time.

81.) I feel like I’m in paradise, living with you in our new place.

82.) I’ll never, ever, ever give up on loving you.

83.) One plus one equals three. We’re an awesome duo!

84.) Words may fail me, but my love for you will also be at a fever pitch.

85.) I love you more than I could ever say. You’re my morning and my night.

86.) It’s good to see your handsome mug every morning. It does a woman good!

87.) A day with you means some smiles, good times, and lots of laughter.

Good Morning Text Messages

88.) Since I’m many miles away, my I love you text message will have to suffice until Friday.

89.) Hey, hey, good looking. What you got cooking?

90.) I had to take off the covers because you’re such a hottie!

91.) I can’t think of anything better in the morning than you and coffee.

92.) Yours is my favorite smile!

93.) The best way to start the day is with you and morning coffee. I’ll have to settle on the latter today. Can’t wait to see you.

Flirty Messages

94.) Good morning, babe – at this time tomorrow, we’ll both have permission to stay in bed. Just sayin’.

95.) A long-distance, virtual good morning hug is coming your way.

96.) Good morning, sunshine. C’mon over here; I’d like to work on my tan.

97.) A romantic good morning from me to you. Miss ya!

98.) Just think of what fun we could have if I was there with you and the snooze button was working.

99.) Good morning, darling. In 36 hours, 33 minutes, and 7 seconds, we’ll have our reunion. The last three days have been miserable without you.

100.) Your smiling face makes this dreadful time apart manageable – but just barely. Good morning, honey.

101.) Good morning, love. I dreamed the entire night of you and me together. Can’t wait for dinner tonight and dancing.

102.) I miss the special guy in my life. Hurry home.

103.) Hope you have a great morning, handsome. I know your evening is going to be fantastic!

Good Morning Message Video for Someone You Love

FAQ Good Morning Handsome

Here are some frequently asked questions about good morning handsome messages.

How to say good morning, handsome in Spanish?

“Buenos dias guapo” is how to say good morning, handsome in Spanish.

How to say good morning, handsome in French?

“Bonjour beauté” is how you say good morning, handsome in French.

How to say good morning, handsome in Italian?

“Buongiorno bellissimo” is how you say good morning, handsome in Italian.

Ideas for using good morning handsome wishes

Here’s a quick hit list of ideas:

a.) Accompanying one of these messages with breakfast in bed will elevate your status immediately.

b.) On a big day, text a different message every half hour for three hours straight. Everyone can use an occasional ego boost, which should do the trick.

c.) Leave your preferred message on a handwritten note while your husband is still asleep. By the letter, have some fresh-cut flowers in a vase to set the scene.

d.) Pick your favorite seven messages, and try a different one out for each day of the week. See if your darling notices.

e.) Instead of always using “handsome,” try out some of its synonyms like good-looking, attractive, striking, stunning, hunky, dishy, hot, sexy, gorgeous, cute, or so fine.

That’s it! You have the tools to make any morning start on the right note.

By Tim Moodie

Tim Moodie is a romantic at heart. He is a copywriter and creative director who wrote funny and touching greeting cards for many years. He loves his wife – over 40 years married – and is not afraid to express his affection with the written word.


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